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IPS-1311: 96% Pure Carbon Yarn

96% Pure Carbon Yarn

IPS-1311 is a 96% Pure carbon yarn braided interlocking construction or trapezoidal. Impregnated with micron size graphite particles and trace amounts of PTFE lubrication.

IPS-1311 is chemically resistant and heat conductive. This carbon yarn results in an anti-frictional packing effective in sealing a wide variety of services.
IPS-1311 is dimensionally stable even in severe high temperature applications. Minimal leakage rates are required with IPS-1311.


Non- Oxidizing Temp to 750º F
Oxidizing Temp to 1200ºF
Pressure 500 psi
Valves 2500 psi
PH 1-14
Surface Speed to 5000 FPM