Industry Packing & Seal Inc.

IPS-1275: General Purpose Packing

IPS-1275 is a super clean general purpose packing designed to be used in difficult applications. IPS-1275 manufactured in the Interlocking construction or trapezoidal, combining a special blend of spun Aramid yarn with an ultra PTFE impregnation and then finished with break-in lubricant.

IPS-1275 is a strong, cool running packing and is easy to cut and install. IPS-1275 is recommended for pumps, reciprocating and moderate temperature valve service.
IPS-1275 is an ideal substitute for PTFE-Treated synthetic packing. IPS-1275 exhibits good solvent resistance however recommended for severe chemical applications.


Temperature to 500ยบ F
Pressure 500 psi PH 3-10
Surface Speed to 2200FPM