Industry Packing & Seal Inc.

Product Line Card

Anti-Keystone II – Braided Mechanical Packing Mechanical Seals
High Temperature & High Pressure Packing for Pumps & Valves Cartridge Seals:
Rebuildable & Disposable
GFO, PTFE, Exfoliated Graphite,
Graphite Filament, PTFE/Graphite
Nomex, Kevlar IT, Carbon Fiber
FDA Compliance PTFE
Oxygen Service PTFE
Copper, Babbitt Foil, Synthetic Yarns, Flax
Die-Formed Grafoil Rings, Die Molded Ring Sets
Sootblower Packing Sets
All face combinations and elastomer
Rubber & Metal Bellows
Single Spring, Type 1, 2, 6, 21 and more
Mixer Seals, Blender Seals
Split Seals, Gas Seals
Complete Seal Repair, Seal Kits, Seal Support Systems
Packing to Seal Conversions
Industrial Grade & Commercial Grade Packing Sheet Gasket Material
*Direct Equivalent to all Manufactures
Available in all materials & braided Interlocking:
Lattice Braid, Square Braid,
Trapezoidal Braid,
Round Braid,
Braid Over Core.
Compressed Non-Asbestos, General Service, High Temperature, Chemical Resistant Materials, Neoprene, Buna, EDPM, Red Rubber, Viton, Silicone, FDA Buna, PTFE, Cork/Neo. & Bun, Vegetable Fiber, Silica, Ceramic Fiber, Cloth Inserted Neoprene, Nylon Inserted Neoprene
Die Cut Gaskets from any of the above material
Gaskets & PTFE Joint Sealant Hydraulics – Custom Seals Available
Ring & Full Face Pipe Flange Gaskets
(Standard, Non-Standard, All Sizes)
Spiral Wound Gaskets
PTFE Envelope
PTFE Metal Inserted
Grafoil Ribbon Pack
Grafoil Sheet
Tadpole Design
Drop Warp
Selco Gasket
Gage Glass Gaskets
PTFE Joint Sealant
Rubber/Duck & Urethane Materials
Piston Cups
U-Ring Seals
Chevron V-Packing Sets
O-Ring Kits
Viton V-Packing
Quad Rings
Leather Seals
Cylinder Repair Kits
O-Ring Cord
Packing, Cloth, Rubber, Metal, & PTFE
Miscellaneous Items Food Processing Industry
Universal & Machined Lantern Rings
Pre-Cut Shims & Kits
Packing Ring Cutters, Packing Pullers
Gasket Cutters, Arch Punches
Strip Rubber, PTFE Thread Tape
Kaowool, Thermal Ceramics
YARWAY Valves, Steam Traps & Repair Items
Can Seals, Vacuum Palletizer Suction Cups, Gaskets
Trap Tanks, and related parts for the fillers & seamers
New England Braiding Company Inc
Selco of New England