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Style 98 AKII TFE Valve Packing

Style 98 AKII TFE Valve PackingStyle 98 AKII is manufactured from TFE filament yarns with PTFE lubricants incorporated into the fibers. The ANTI-KEYSTONE® Technology allows for easy conformance to valve stem or shaft.

White, non-staining, dimensionally stable Style 98 AKII is inert to all materials except molten alkali metals or free halides.

Valves handling steam, solvents, and even the harshest chemical solutions. Also effectively seals slow speed pumps, rods, and agitators.

  • pH 0-14
  • Surface Speeds: to 700 fpm (3.5 M/sec)
  • Pressure
    Valves to 5,000 psi (344 BAR)
  • Temperatures: to 500°F (260°C)