Industry Packing & Seal Inc.


Our continuous “U” ring seals are manufactured from the same materials as our Piston Cups and
provide “successful sealing” in high pressure service wherever these single ring seals are appropriate. They are available in standard cross sections and heights up to 30″ outside diameter.

Type: U-B
Constructed from nitrile rubber reinforced with cotton duck, Type U-B seals are effective in sealing air, water, oil, and low pressure steam.

Type: U-T
Machined from virgin TFE, Type U-T ring seals are useful in sealing corrosives and strong chemicals.

Other Materials:
“U” ring seals are also available in:

  • Type U-H, Homogeneous Nitrile
  • Type U-E6, Leather
  • Type U-U, Homogeneous Polyurethane

To order any “U” ring seal, provide material type, inside diameter, outside diameter and maximum ring height.