Industry Packing & Seal Inc.

MECO ® EAU and EAS series seals

MECO’s patented EAS seal is available for a variety of applications in many industries including applications in pulp and paper mills, particularly pulpers, stock chest agitators, repulper and chip screws.

One of the seal’s principal attributes is its ease of operation. The seal face pressures are fully-adjustable; there are no internal springs to loosen due to seal face wear, or to corrode in hostile chemical environments. All adjustment hardware is located outside the seal’s purge cavity, so the seal can be adjusted with no disassembly, often while the equipment continues to operate.
The EAS accommodates severe shaft runout and lends itself well to applications where mechanical packings and traditional mechanical seals fail to function. The seals are manufactured fully-split, in most cases permitting installation and rebuilding without removal or modification of the existing stuffing box, bearing, or drive.

The EAS is an unbalanced, double mechanical seal. The patented design places two rotating seal faces against a central driving elastomer. The elastomer turns with the shaft, and the two rotors turn with the elastomer. The elastomer provides both a static seal against the shaft and motive force for the rotors, and serves as the load spring for the seal.

Wide radius faces permit the seal to accommodate anywhere from a standard 1/4″ to 3/8″ or more of total shaft runout. Split stationary faces are replaceable, making rebuilds simple and inexpensive.