Industry Packing & Seal Inc.

Custom Shaft Seals by MECO ®

MECO Custom-engineered shaft seals have solved some of the thorniest sealing problems industry has to offer. MECO Seals tolerate 1/4″ and more of diametric runout, and eliminate the problems usually associated with mechanical packing. With packing, it’s necessary to have perfect shaft alignment, with no eccentric rotation. Any eccentricity crushes the packing in one direction and opens a leak path 180 degrees away. As the operator tightens the packing gland repeatedly to compensate for leakage, product in the packing/shaft interface can burn. This results in excessive abrasive action which causes shaft fretting, and the process material can become contaminated with burned material and packing detritus. As the packing is tightened, torque loading is increased, and motor current increases.

MECO seals are custom-designed to each application, with care taken to ensure that the best combination of materials and seal design are furnished to provide the most effective sealing solution. MECO seals contain dry powders and bulk materials, pastes, slurries, vapors, gases, and fluids including aromatic hydrocarbons. Sanitary models are available for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Custom Seals