Industry Packing & Seal Inc.

IPS-1427: PTFE Graphite Yarn

IPS-1427 is a dense combination of PTFE Graphite yarn with a blocking agent, braided in the interlocking construction or trapezoidal.

A chemically resistant packing, the materials in IPS-1427 are chemically inert. Applications include fixed and rising stem, control valves, mixers, agitators, plungers and rod applications. With IPS-1427 less than half the thermal expansion is associated than with pure PTFE valve packing which minimizes the friction on the valve stem.IPS-1427 is easy to work with and cut, also installation is made easy due to the dimensionally correct sizing, die formed sets are also available.

IPS-1427 has an infinite shelf life, there are no lubricants to dry out, IPS-1427 is also very effective in cryogenic service and in de-waxing units.


Temperature to 500 F
Pressure 500 psi
Valves 2500 psi
PH 01-14
Surface Speed to 4000 FPM