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Style 106 AKII Meta-Aramid Fiber Packing

Style 106 AKII Meta-Aramid Fiber PackingStyle 106 AKII is manufactured from one of the strongest yarns avalible, texturized continuous filiment meta-aramid, impregnated with PTFE and treated with a break-in lubricant.

Style 106 AKII is the optimal choice for abrasive services especially in the mining industry. White non-staining Style 106 AKII may also be used in water based solutions, oils, solvents, refined products, and crudes in the petroleum industry.

Because of its high strength Style 106 AKII is one of the best packings avalible for slurry pumps, hydropulpers, sludge pumps and dredge pumps. Also appropriate for rotating shafts and reciprocating rods, rams, and presses.

  • pH 1-13
  • Surface Speeds: to 2250 fpm (11.4M/sec)
  • Pressure
    2,000 psi (137 BAR) reciprocating
    500 psi (34 BAR) rotating
  • Temperature: to 500°F (260°C)