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Klinger Sheet Gaskets

KLINGERsil C-4401
High quality Non-Asbestos material composed of fibers with high chemical stability and heat resistance bonded with Nitrile rubber. Outstanding creep resistance at high temperatures and high loads provides maximum safety and high torque retention. Superior service in Wet Steam. Good anti-stick properties. 750°F, 1500 psi Green

KLINGERsil C-4430
High quality Non-Asbestos material composed of fiberglass, Aramid and Inorganic fibers for heat resistance bonded with Nitrile rubber. Excellent chemical resistance, good creep resistance, general purpose sheet. 750°F., 1500 psi. Green/White

KLINGERsil C-4408 (Wire Inserted)
High quality Non-Asbestos Wire Inserted material composed of synthetic fibers reinforced with low carbon steel woven mesh and bonded with Nitrile rubber. Best available gasketing material for fluctuating temperatures and pressures. Steel reinforcement provides best service in high temperature and stress applications, especially exhaust ducts and stacks.

KLINGER Flexible Graphite
Flexible Graphite gasketing exhibits a high resistance to most agents including inorganic and organic acids and bases, solvents, hot wax and oils. Flexible Graphite features include load bearing not affected by temperatures to 1000°F., virtually no cold flow, low gas permeability, low electrical resistivity, non-abrasive, low thermal expansion characteristics, unlimited shelf-life. Stocked in SLS Stainless Steel reinfoirced form.

Key Benefits

  • Temperatures to 1000°F
  • Excellent Steam Gasket
  • Wire Inserted for extreme applications


  • Non-Asbestos sheeting:
    – Standard sheet size: 60″ x 60″
    – Standard Thickness:1/64″, 1/32″, 1/16″, 1/8″
  • Flexible Graphite
    – Standard sheet size: 1 M x 1 M
    – Standard Thickness: 1/32″ , 1/16″ , 1/8″