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IPS-99: Soft PTFE Gasket Tape

IPS-99 PTFE Gasket is braided from pure DuPont PTFE fiber yarn treated with PTFE suspensoid and impregnated with an inert break-in lubricant. The Diamond (modified round) braid used to form this hollow tubular gasket results in a flexible tape which conforms easily to all types of chemical tank and pump flanges. Gasket tape can be fitted to any flange profile on site and installed with only minimal clearances. Because it can be rolled onto the flange, which is used as a template, and because bolt holes can be created by separation of the braid, often only partial equipment dis-assembly is required.

  • pH 0-14 static applications only
  • pressures to 250 psi (18 BAR)
  • line temperatures — 400°F to + 600°F (— 230°C to +312°C)