Industry Packing & Seal Inc.

PPC Power Pumper – The Industry’s Premier Dual Cartridge Seal

Pre-assembled and pre-tested, complete unit for quick, easy, and error free installation. The Power Pumper has an exclusive power flow pumping ring that gives it many advantages over other dual cartridge seals.


  • Cartridge Design Easy to install
  • Runs as a Double or Tandem Seal Special double balance on the inboard seal allows the Power Pumper to handle pressure reversals.
  • Hydraulic Balance Reduces Wear Hydraulically balanced inboard and outboard seals are naturally cooler running, longer lasting.
  • Dramatically Increased Seal Life Balanced seal faces coupled with the exclusive pumping ring’s maximum barrier fluid flow result in the coolest, most reliable seal on the market.
  • Self-Aligning Stationary Faces Compensate for any misalignment of the pump.
  • Exclusive Pumping Ring housed with the gland, circulates fluid throughout the seal and barrier system.
  • Universal Application Fits virtually any pump without modification of the pump.
  • Temperatures -20° to 400°F (Depending on Application & Materials)
  • Pressures to 300 P.S.I. (Depending on Size & Speed)
  • Speeds up to 3500 RPM
  • Pumping Ring is Able to Circulate- up to 140 G.P.H. (Depending on Size & Speed)