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Screw Conveyer Seals by MECO

MECO ® shaft seals have revolutionized screw conveyor sealing. Screw conveyors exhibit almost universal leakage problems, due to the shaft runout and whip caused by their long, unsupported spans of flighting.

Original, elastomer-driven MECO seals, with their large-radius sealing faces, tolerate up to 1/4″ of diametric runout. The elastomeric drive is flexible, absorbing shocks without compromising the seal faces. This simple, robust, tolerant seal is effective with dry powders, pastes, slurries, fluids, vapors and gases. Air-purged and unpurged versions are available. The “H” (unpurged) and “HE” (air-purged) series are the original MECO screw conveyor seals. First patented by MECO in 1976, this enduring design is still used extensively for screw conveyor applications.

This series begins with an H-shaped elastomer ring, which surrounds the shaft. Each end of the ring bears against a flat, rotating seal face, and these faces, in turn, bear against flat, stationary faces. An adjustable clamp, fastened around the middle of the elastomer ring, permits the seal faces to be tightened or loosened.