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Style 240 Nitrile Bound Gasket Sheet

This sheet Packing offers superior performance with the widest range of applications available in one gasket material. This nitrile rubber bound sheet gasketing, composed of chemically stable and heat resistant fibers provides outstanding creep resistance at high temperatures and high load to give maximum safety, torque retention and sealing characteristics. Chloride content below 100 ppm reduces flange corrosion which, when combined with the nonstick properties of this material, lowers maintenance and down-time.

This sheet Packing is intended for all general mill uses.

compatible with the following applications: Gases, water, steam, inorganic salt solutions, organic acids, alkalies, alaphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, greases, heat transfer oil, and refrigerants.

To determine suitability for use in a specific application, consult the factory. Sheet Packing should not be used in the following applications: Halides, nitric or sulphuric acids or strong oxidizers.

TECHNICAL DATA (values are for 1/16″ [3,2mm] thickness):

  • Temperature: to 750°F (400°C).
  • Pressure: to 1450 psig (100 Bar) (except steam) see note.
  • Binder: Nitrile Rubber, Color: Green (non-leaching).
  • Finish: Smooth, anti-stick.
  • Tensile Strength (ASTM F152 cross grain): 2200 psi (15 Bar).
  • Change in Tensile Strength (ASTM F152 Oil #3 @ 5 h & 300°F) (150°C): -25%.
  • Compressibility Recovery (ASTM F36A); min 50% (7-17%).

Note: Maximum pressure rating in steam is 400 psi (28 Bar)

SIZE AVAILABILITY 60″ x 60″ (1,52 m sq) sheets are standard. Sheets of up to 60″ x 180″ (1,52 m x 4,56 m) are available on special order, however, the customer must accept the cut-off portion, except in the case of 60″ x 120″ (1,52 m x 3,04 m) sheets.

STANDARD THICKNESS (NOM. WEIGHT) Inch: 1/64″ (3#) 1/32″ (6#) 1/16″ (9#) 1/8″ (12#) Metric: 0,4 mm(1.4 kg) 0,8 mm(2.7 kg) 1,6 mm(5.5 kg) 3,2 mm(10.9 kg)