Industry Packing & Seal Inc.

IPS-51: TFE Envelope Gaskets (Slit Center)

Our slit center TFE envelope gaskets are designed to provide a reliable method to seal harsh chemicals where flanged connections are used. A non-asbestos gasket filler is used to overcome the tendency of TFE to cold flow by providing a constant “push” on the TFE envelope. Since the TFE envelope is exposed to the fluid sealed, the gasket filler within is protected.

These gaskets are preferred for sealing flanged joints in CIO2 towers and Chlorine lines in pulp and paper bleach plants and as well as other areas where compressed asbestos or non-asbestos sheet may be attacked.

All sizes for 150 lb. flanges are standard up to 14″ pipe diameter. To order specify flange size by inside and outside diameter.