Industry Packing & Seal Inc.

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Style 274 AKII HYDROPACKING™ is an advanced general service packing for most industries, incorporating expanded TFE/graphite as the primary sealing yarn with two diagonally braided anti-extrusion corners of meta-aramid yarn.

Services include acids, bases, gasses, oils, black, green, red and white pulping liquors and other water based fluids. Not suitable for strong oxidizers, free halides, and molten alkali metals.

Applications include reciprocating and rotating pumps, agitators, blenders, mixers, washers, wicket gate and rising/rotating stem valves. Especially effective in refiners, digesters, and hydropulpers within paper mills. Recommended for waste water, dredge and sewage applications as well as hydroelectric facilities.

  • pH 1-13
  • Surface Speeds: to 4200 fpm (21.4M/sec)
  • Pressure
    – 6,000 psi (408 BAR) reciprocating
    – 500 psi (34 BAR) rotating
  • Temperature: to 500°F ( 260°C)